What Is DTube? – Why It Can Replace YouTube!


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Published on 20 Aug 2017


“Find the truth, be the change!”

Josh Sigurdson breaks down the new streaming video platform “DTube” and how it can actually break down the barriers so many YouTube creators face today.
DTube is a decentralized streaming video platform linked to Steemit (the decentralized social media) which allows users to upload videos easily and make money (or cryptocurrency) via the upvotes or likes on their post. As YouTube brings in the Anti-Defamation League to demonetize content and label it as “hate speech”, DTube couldn’t have come at a better time.

While there are still many bugs on the platform, one can upload a video in mp4 format, upload a thumbnail and post submit the video. It will post on Steemit and on DTube itself of course. This free market innovation can in the long term take over if…

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StormFront rallies; is coming back.

Good podcast, I am glad to see Radio Aryan is still up and running, The statistics you quote from the Huffing Post is a good and safe bet. Yet, I still think there are more of  us out there. Overall, it does look like a critical point is coming, I just hope Trump starts marching people off to FEMA camps their “own protection” . What alarms me the most about this is, the undoubtable gun grab that would follow in its wake. Good show, The Reich Was Right!!

Source: StormFront rallies; is coming back.

How You Know You Are Living in a Soft Totalitarian State

Yes, yes and yes, I do agree that we are living in or under soft totalitarianism, its true the masses or the people wouldn’t have it any other way. Transnational corporations do own and run the social media, to a very considerable degree. This is a problem, for they are competing for limited bodies. Democracy is a lie, rather a failed political concept, and its time it is laid to rest. A meritocracy is a viable solution, especially if its laid out along National Socialist lines. Democracy and communism go together, as proved yet again by groups like Antifa; purely a Jewish idea i.e. the both of them.As for myself, The Reich Was Right!!

Source: How You Know You Are Living in a Soft Totalitarian State

(video) ANTIFA EXPOSED AS VIOLENT (Political Social Experiment) – Berkeley Trump Rally Protest

I like this kind of undercover investigation, its too bad the Fake News Media refuses to do the same. Then again, I ‘m not surprised, considering that they are only interested in propaganda. Fortunately, people like Joeysalads are starting to hammer the proverbial nails in their coffin lids. Their demise is eagerly awaited by many, only dry eyes and a glad heart, contemplating this one.
As for Antifa, what a bunch of brazen cowards,  like their Jewish overlords, they are totally bereft of shame. For anyone who doubts this, then consider. Why else do they wear masks and avoid open confrontation? Its because they are cowards, lacking the courage of their convictions. As such they are a bad joke, no one can take these fools seriously, yes they shall be known as Antifa ,ha, ha, ha, ha.  The Reich Was Right!!

Source: (video) ANTIFA EXPOSED AS VIOLENT (Political Social Experiment) – Berkeley Trump Rally Protest