New Albion: a rising New England White Ethnostate

A goodoutlook for white people. This definitely resonates with my National Socialist beliefs. In particular, I like how you include others who may not be strictly speaking “white”. Namely appealing to the old Saxon custom of virtue and action. For Example, if you work for the benefit of the Volk and are or have fought on the side of the Volk against an enemy, then your in, a member of the tribe, as it were, this was Hitlers’ take on the matter.

Also, to quote “As we have identified our people as our core concern, ideology becomes as simple as that which helps them is good, and that which does not is bad. We studiously avoid getting into debates on particulars and the trap it represents, saying only that we are interested in the lifelong welfare of our folk.” This is a core central tenet of National Socialism. A little pamphlet I have found inspiring can be found here Reblogged from New Albion! The Reich Was Right!!

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WGTOW (Whites Going Their Own Way)

A good post and/or article. Like the other commentators, I hope this trend continues. To me, it sounds like a slice of paradise on earth. It would be, and will be good to see the rebirth of the west coming out of these communities. Further, I can’t help but wonder if the same trend emerges in Europe. If so, it would be good to see trade based upon an exchange of goods, and not the Zionist gold standard. The Reich Was Right!!

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Gleanings About National Socialism

A folk must fulfill a mission  unique to themselves. It is for them alone to determine this mission.

Aryan tribalism= National Socialism! A tribe lives in an ecological niche. A people live, grow, mature and propagate in a tribe. Hence, the tribe is the ecological niche into which all are born. The tribe was the natural environment; in which the people lived or existed. 

Through higher idealism, the individual puts the welfare of the people first. Thereby ensuring the survival of the Volk or people. This higher idealism was based upon love. This love is a natural instinct,which seeks the survival of the family, children and tribe to ensure the future and further evolution of the racial blood in its natural habitat.

True racial love inspires  the higher idealism of the natural leader or superior personality. Higher idealism is the necessary prerequisite to changing the present malay affecting Aryan people living in this day and age. International financial institutions and World Jewry control the white world through,an economic system based on greed, selfishness and materialism. These negative attitudes inculcate in the white race, a corresponding selfish materialism and a willful ignorance. Thereby, severing white people from their natural instincts, and racial love. As a result of this, white homelands are desecrated, spoiled and lay in a state of turmoil. All of this, however, can change miraculously fast!

The higher evolution of the Volk or people, happens naturally as the love flows from parents to child, and to the folk.  The love that flows through the blood. Where there is love, there is no selfishness. 

A higher consciousness, creates a higher society. A higher society brings forth the über Mensch or Homo Superior. Transcend selfishness and materialism, through the love of a new Aryan People or tribe. Thereby be at peace by being in your rightful place in nature, the tribe. Hence the Volk or people is supreme over the individual. The Children are the promise of a new and better world and future. From them comes the more highly evolved Volk, and thereby the higher society as decreed by nature. To each their own with the love of the Volk. 

The above ruminations are based on the notion of enthno-states or perhaps a united commonwealth of white ethno states bringing forth a better world for themselves and most importantly the children, actualization of the divine creative force in the universe.




(vid) Fake Gas Chamber Tour in Auschwitz

Jim Rizoli ought to be commended for the work he puts in getting out the truth about the holohoax.. This is an early video and one can readily see the farce at play.This myth of the holohoax must be serriously challenged, to expose the extortion racket perputrated by Israel and Zionists alike. This inquisition will fall by the metaphor of death by a million paper cuts. The Reich Was Right!!

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