The “We Wuz Kangz” Betrothal

I would have to agree with the sentements of the author. In the same way that race is not a social constuct, so too does it apply doubly well to the notion of a monarch or leader. White people need a white leader or ruler, some one of the people. To encapsulate the point, a black African moving to Ireland is not therefore Irish. In short, he or she is not of the same racial tribe. White or Aryan or Adamic man can find no satisfaction in a leader of a member of another trive or Volk. All races are most comfortable with their own, this I contend, is how nature or the greative power of the living cosmos wants it. We must all acknowledge our own limitations, that being finite, we can not ascertain the inscrutable wisdom of the infinite mind. The Reich Was Right!!

via The “We Wuz Kangz” Betrothal

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