New Albion: a rising New England White Ethnostate

A goodoutlook for white people. This definitely resonates with my National Socialist beliefs. In particular, I like how you include others who may not be strictly speaking “white”. Namely appealing to the old Saxon custom of virtue and action. For Example, if you work for the benefit of the Volk and are or have fought on the side of the Volk against an enemy, then your in, a member of the tribe, as it were, this was Hitlers’ take on the matter.

Also, to quote “As we have identified our people as our core concern, ideology becomes as simple as that which helps them is good, and that which does not is bad. We studiously avoid getting into debates on particulars and the trap it represents, saying only that we are interested in the lifelong welfare of our folk.” This is a core central tenet of National Socialism. A little pamphlet I have found inspiring can be found here Reblogged from New Albion! The Reich Was Right!!

via New Albion: a rising New England White Ethnostate

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