What is a Black Sky event?

Interesting post, I’ve never heard of a Black Sky Event before. If this exercise really does take out power across the entire continent, the results would be catastrophic, especially here in Canada. At the time of this writing, I’ve not seen or heard anything about this up here.. I’m pretty sure it will be a “each man for himself” scenario for the most part. It will be interesting to see, what groups, collectivities, organizations, etc. will emerge as a result of it. 

On a more basic level, one has to wonder if the government is so foolhardy to risk a crisis like this. One thing’s for sure, those in the know won’t be affected, and most likely will find the plight of the people laughable. Still, if the people for the most part can pull together, this may well become a day our Zog governments may rue from the depths of their traitorous  “black” hearts. In the event of this happening, I would say “bring it on”. The Reich Was Right!!

Source: What is a Black Sky event?

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