Squatting Slav Takes On Antifa Activists

This video shows one, just how bad its getting in Canada. To top it off, our P.M, is a craven, Cultural Marxist, traitor to Canada, actually all of our main stream parties be they Liberal, Conservative, N.D.P. , Green, Marxist Leninists, or Libertarian, etc. are all part of the problem we face with the rot in our country. After seeing the same old bullshit, election after election, I know see the true alternative of National Socialism. One thing further, Zionism has control over our government, just as in any other western state. Nobody wants their Bolshevism Bull Shit and their endless wars, and this is what must change. As for me, Planet Jew is wrong and represents the downfall of free humanity, and The Reich Was Right!!!


Squatting Slav TV
Published on Mar 29, 2017

Antifa isn’t a liberal group, there may be some misguided liberals in the mix but for the most part they’re far-left extremists who use violence and intimidation in pursuit of their political goals.

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