Was Europe the birthplace of Mankind?

You raise several good points, however, what about the mitochondrial Adam vs. mitochondrial Eve theory? All people except for African blacks are related to Adam who is traced back to Siberia. Different migrations of this gene pool broke away at different times, i.e. the Chinese, about 40,000 years ago. In terms of blood groups those closest to the R1B Europeans are the R1A Hindus. The separation in time is about 20,000 thousand years ago. The same root words and concepts from Vedic Culture can be found in the ancient Germanic, Greek, Celt, Roman, Egyptian, and other western tribes or cultures. Redheads have been found not only in Egypt but China as well

 Anyway, this is just a sketch of the theory, but interestingly enough, the Neanderthals are not related to present day Cro-Magnon  Man, for the most part. But some scientists contend the Neanderthal gene is present in the Jews!! In their Mongolian-Turkish blend. This is due to the fact, that the Neanderthals retreated up the Caucasus Mountains and what came down, much latter in time were the Khazars, who then blended quite extensively with the Mongolians and Turks. Anyway, this is just a thought that I entertain quite a bit. The Reich Was Right!!

Source: Was Europe the birthplace of Mankind?

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