Are You Willing?

The Roper Report

Black Pilled Swan

Are you willing?

Are you willing to stand your ground for the future of the white race?

As we sit idle clicking away on keyboards, our people’s bloodlines, history and culture get wiped out more and more every day.

What exactly is it going to take for you to get off the computer and stand face to face with those who plot our demise?

We see huge numbers of the left gathering in their degenerate states while we can barely muster the courage to be photographed with a sign stating “Diversity=White Genocide”.

All over the world liberals shout against “Racism” with their faces exposed, while we use computers as shields and whisper about the Jew Problem.

How many more of our people have to be wiped out before you are triggered enough to take action? How many more half breeds do you need in your family tree…

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