Seriously Discussing Civil War, Revolution, Balkanization, and W.W. III.

A very interesting article. A couple of things did come to mind while reading it. First, if this much information is already in the hands of the people, so to speak, what’s to say that this is already the dated information. In other words, the information the government and political establishment feel can be “floated out there” i.e. made accessible to the public.
Next and more importantly, instigating ww3 as a false flag is a distinct possibility, but from an oligarchical perspective, the bigger picture would include the entire planet. It is here, that the first point ties into the problem of “open knowledge in the public domain”. A thought I consider often is, what is currently the status of the MX missile system formerly known as “star wars”. Many people think it was abandoned in the 80’s as being impractical, not realizing that it morphed into the MX system, and since the 90’s not much discussion about it.
When I last looked into it, all I could seem to find was that it was a space station out in deep space, basically undetectable from earth, which possessed the ability to attack any target on earth. The missiles not being launched on the earth, become largely undetectable until the last moment when they appear on conventional radar tracking or other such systems.
Furthermore, the satellite mapping of the earth throughout the 90’s and the first part of this century, gives it a precision enabling them to be placed with a grid of 10 meters. This is supposed to be the system that neither the Russians or Chinese can fight or defend against. The scenario of the false flag then expands to an endgame with a united west fighting the east. with the UN emerging as the new world government, and thus the decline of free humanity as the environment becomes a key controlling factor of the earths population due to radioactive fallout manipulated by HARP. a la Iron Mountain report.
Anyway, the above is rather sketchy, because Joel Skousen does a very good presentation of much, of what is indirectly referred to above. However, I still feel that Emp weapons are essential to dealing with the drone attacks. Of paramount importance, is community building, a long the lines as you so clearly layed out while discussing the Mormons and Dessertia ( not sure of the spelling.) So those groups of people who will be able to reestablish themselves along ethno state level of organization, will survive , and those who cannot will become the slaves of the new world order system. Anyway. let’s never forget that Planet Jew is wrong and the Reich Was Right!! Cheers!!

Source: Seriously Discussing Civil War, Revolution, Balkanization, and W.W. III.

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