Professional Mudsharking

I agree with Celtchar for the most part, however, I have no qualms about walking away from women like this. In short, I think they deserve what they get. MGTOW is another matter, I see them as useless fops who have to make a decision to grow up or go extinct, and there’s nothing cool in the latter. Returning to white women, when I see these mudsharks, they always seem so phony and exude a stench of “look at me, I’m so cool”. To myself, they might as well be walking around with a sign around their necks that says  “retard for hire” . All of this is to say, I am not impressed by this demographic of whites males or females, but they or their off spring won’t be welcomed in any white state of which I will be residing, that’s for sure. Let the Dodo birds follow their path to extinction, its the best thing they can do for all people! The Reich Was Right!!

Source: Professional Mudsharking

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