May 20th ShieldWall Network Meeting Report

A worthwhile group to affiliate with, if possible. I’d be interested in interacting with any Canadians especially in Ontario. Cheers! The Reich Was Right!!

The Roper Report

Our May 20th ShieldWall Network Arkansas (SWNAO) meeting in Harrison, Arkansas, was the largest yet of the recently formed organization, with 33 people in attendance, several of them new affiliates. The men and women present enjoyed good food together, shared literature, bought books and CDs, and discussed face to face many of the issues affecting our people, and what we can do on a local level in our own communities to affect real change and prepare for what is coming.

After the door prize give-aways and introductions, old business discussed included the Cover Our People With Love pro-White charity community benefit projects; unmasking and doxxing Antifa, child molesters, and other undesirables; the Shield Maidens WN lady’s group; local volunteerism; the Tomorrow Belongs To Me Sobriety program, Pocahontas Flood Relief donations; the 10th anniversary David Lane Memorial raffle; our partnership and overlap with other organizations, and the ShieldWall Network 5 step…

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