An Existential Challenge

Interesting post, but how much of an existential challenge is  it? Existentialism implies no form, only choice gives meaning. In other words, one’s life finds meaning only in the choices that one makes.
 I prefer the National Socialist perspective, wherein its stated, nature determines which races, tribes, species will go on to give higher expression to Nature herself, as it were. This is not the struggle for an “idea” , Platonic or otherwise. It is a demand made by nature itself, i.e. survive or go the way of the Dodo bird.
 Consequently, the nation state, promotes the survival of the volk, people, or race, along with its adaptive mechanisms of culture and traditions. Changes to the aforementioned adaptive mechanisms, occurs through organic change, and not by monetary or marketplace economics by way of an example.  So, either balkanization is the result of “natural selection” or it isn’t. I say “Yes it is”. Then again, for myself, I think we live in a living purposeful cosmos. The Reich Was Right!!

Source: An Existential Challenge

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