Balkanization Is Our Future, Not “Ethnic Liberalism”

In a lot of the posts you cited, there seemed to be a fair amount of discussion on monarchy, and its defense. According to National Socialism as understood by both Hitler and Goebbels, this is transcended by natural leaders. I am trying to point out, that the newborns being blessed under the Swastika, was a substitute for our proto European Germanic tribes, as recounted by Tacitus. That being the case, those who proved their valor in battle, were the natural leaders of the tribe. This changed from generation to generation. Though it is true, that chastisement was the right of the tribal shamans, for lack of a better word.

In other words, give the Celts and the Druids their due. In the end, we are all western Europeans, and this includes the people of the forests i.e. the Slavs. The Jews have no part in  any of this. This equally applies to the Cultural Marxists, and their unwitting stooges, the 60’s generation. In the end, planet JEW is wrong, and The Reich Was Right!!

Source: Balkanization Is Our Future, Not “Ethnic Liberalism”

2 thoughts on “Balkanization Is Our Future, Not “Ethnic Liberalism”

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