A final comment on the Jewish Remembrance Day

I finished watching the video and I must admit, I agree with everything he had to say. It is apparent now that Trump is a fraud and he really doesn’t have the best interests of the American people at heart. As David Duke once said, ” If he is 1000% behind Israel, how much can be left for the American people” Of course, I think most people would be willing to listen to Jewish claims regarding the Holohoax, if they truly could addresses the concerns established by revisionists. The truth of the matter is however, they can’t and they know it, This is the real impetus behind crying anti-Semitism, and censorship on their behalf. As stated in the video, nothing is more insulting to the Jews than the truth. The Reich Was Right!!

Source: (video) HAPPY HOLOHOAX REMEMBRANCE DAY! ā€“ “Because when you’re the ‘victim’ you can get away with murder” ā€“ ZIONIST TRUMP SAYS ‘HOLOCAUST’ WORLD’S DARKEST DAY! ā€“ Historically proven true massacres IGNORED!

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