The Simple Reason Why a Second American Civil War May Be Inevitable

I see the author’s point about political bubbles distancing Americans in unprecedented ways, as compared to the past. Yes, I think this is true enough, in so far as it goes. But I also see, a few other things going on as well. First, I believe it was Julius Cesare who first extolled the effectiveness of ‘”divide and conquer” when dealing with the Gauls. T he British are the ones who applied this strategy to its greatest extent. The point is, isn’t this also happening to the US today?

At this point, I need to mention the Fabian Society of England. The Fabians who were the precursors of the Cultural Marxists, employed a doctrine of “incrementalism” and ‘honeycombing or permeation”. Honeycombing means instilling members in key social institutions so as to effect incrementalism, or changes slowly without causing alarm or fighting directly. They chose Quintus Fabius Cunctator who defeated Hannibal’s larger army through a withering war of attrition, by never fighting his directly. The Fabian Society’s symbol is a wolf dressed in a sheep’s clothing. I see elements of this involved with the “bubbling of the US”.
The aim is the take down of the US through Fabian incrementalism and honeycombing, combined with the Frankfurt School’s Cultural Marxism. All of this is to say, the Fabian strategy affects societies institutions while the Cultural Marxists attack the root population of the white people. The divisiveness of present day America is a soft kill application coming from two groups the Fabians and the Marxists. and can’t be adequately understood by just considering Democrats &  the Republicans. The Reich Was Right!!

Source: The Simple Reason Why a Second American Civil War May Be Inevitable

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