Mind Control??

It doesn’t seem that remarkable as a book. One thing that struck me is the time line, 2074. I ‘ve always thought about the break up coming a bit earlier. Another thing, it bothers me, that the militias are presented as crazed zealots, it’s as though they ‘re suggesting that gun control now, can prevent problems latter, of course the opposite is the case. Then there’s this talk about “climate change” ,  as most people know this is pure hokum. Yet ii strikes as me as another attempt at mind control. For instance, let us chem- spray the earth and clamp down on your standard of living, so we the Zog can protect you better. All the while, civil liberties will be dissolved and the ZOG will claim more powers  of invasion of  privacy, and restrict our freedom of movement. It really does come across as a Libtard back hand to the face. I can’t shake the idea, that this is the whole purpose in presenting this  book to the public to keep the people from waking up.. The Reich Was Right!!

Source: New York Times helps normalize and mainstream CW2 and The Balk.

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