Queers and Jews Want To Show Transsexual Adult Film To Children

Yes, there’s our old enemy the Jew attacking us again. Let them make the case for their “damage issue” by promoting it to themselves first. Then  we will decide if we think it has a leg to stand on. I can’t help but recent the transgender movement really is, for instance, as compared to the 50’s. The fact that transgenderists numbers are growing, is indicative of a soft kill technique, foisted upon white people primarily as opposed to other racial groups. This growth in numbers is not attributable to more people, rather its disproportional. Its real origins are in soft kill applications, be it psychological, social/cultural, and biological. Watching the preview trailer, it was triggered to have an emotional impact, a form of white guilt in what appears to be a WASP family. This is guilt by association, a clever but old  Jewish ploy.

Its  interesting how the GLADD letter talks about the damage done in the past, marginalizing this group, yet fails to make the case for its defense.. The refusal to see this abnormality for what it is, is at best duplicitous behavior. Why acceptance rather than testosterone shots, therapy, and Cultural Marxist attack. The Weinstein Corp. stands out as a Zionist organization, spreading their filthy lying propaganda, i.e. the movie. Django.
 You have very interesting posts, they also spark a flame with me. The Reich Was Right!!

Source: Queers and Jews Want To Show Transsexual Adult Film To Children


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