Don’t blame the internet for balkanization.

After reading the article that’s linked above. The problem to me is still the same. That being, when you have a particular class of people i.e. the Jews who control the flow of information in a society. Its always slanted or contrived to put forth that groups interest. This applies to non linear forms of mind control, as well as Fake News Media regardless of whether its talk radio or TV news. I am somewhat of the opinion, that our Zionist oligarchs are getting ready to discard us, like a lemon that’s had all the juice squeezed out of it. Mind you, I don’t believe they will be successful, because there is still the natural or biological side to life, which has its own “idea” of creation. The Reich Was Right!!

The Roper Report

While it is true that access to non-Jewish controlled news and political commentary, as well as participation in reinforcing and radicalizing echo chambers online, have sped up political polarization and balkanization, there is actually much more going on than just the internet can be blamed for.

Something is breaking American politics, but it’s not social media

A new study finds political polarization is increasing most among those who use the internet least.

“Whatever is tearing our politics apart is deeper and more universal than the digital filter bubbles that get so much attention — and it seems to be most powerful among the people least likely to get their news from social media.”

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