French Politics Makes For (TOO) Strange Bedfellows

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

It’s widely known that Marine Le Pen has a Jewish boyfriend, but many on this side of the Atlantic don’t understand just how thoroughly infiltrated her party is by homosexuals, as well. It’s a homosexual and Jewish anti-Islamic alliance with conservative Catholics which may barely last until the election, leaving some people wondering if it should exist at all. Here is a commentary from a European Nationalist on the situation:

     “Did you know that not only Philippot (FN #2), but also Briiois (FN #4), Rachline (FN Senator) and Engelmann (FN Mayor of Hayange) are gays ? And just a few among the whole pack. Many gays are joining the FN because of its strong anti-Islamic stance (they know it’s difficult survive being thrown from the top of buildings with hands tied in the back…). Some did it without making waves, some don’t. I would say most…

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