The Future of PC/Outrage Culture

Yes, the universities and the “public education system” is infested at the highest levels with Cultural Marxist profs, with the lower levels having teachers who have been indoctrinated by Cultural Marxism. Its interesting to note, that the Fabian Society doctrine of incrementalism has been operating in conjunction  with critical theory. The icing on the cake, is RANDS concept of atomization. I.e. prevent people from speaking or voicing their opinions in public. This idea, is the true hidden impetus, behind the cell phone via Darpa and entrainment by flicker rates. This allows for uploading to occur while the mind is in a state of hyper suggestibility. It is here, where the oligarchs speak of making us all spectators to the history they create and march in front of our eyes For example, fake MSM and Google logarithms, all designed to dumb us down. Quite literally, to distract us and then implant subliminal ideas and/or messages. The first thing everyone should do, is stop watching TV and use mobiles without apps I.e. text messages, calls and voice mail, and nothing else. Next, use web browsers and email accounts that are encrypted. This little burp of information is far from complete, but this is what comes to mind. The Reich Was Right!!

Source: The Future of PC/Outrage Culture

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