Are Social Justice Warriors Really a Threat?

You are correct about Cultural Marxism and critical theory, this is the well spring of the inanity amongst us today. In the end, Liberalism and Communism end in nihilism. This is the transgressive society that awaits us at the end of this dialectic. However, the traditional right wing i.e. conservatism and Libertarianism also leads no where, and has been proven to be ineffective in its reaction to the left. It at best becomes an argument based on selfishness and its own immediate periphery of concern. The problem is, both are based upon a conception of humanity as economic units, in an economic system. The reality is, we are a part of nature, and it has its own criteria of success. To date, nothing has been at least to the best of my knowledge, able to supplant National Socialism. This society does fly in the face of Zio-Globalism and planet Jew. However, who cares, for planet Jew with its oligarchs are the true enemies of free humanity. Let’s never forget the Reich Was Right!! 

Source: Are Social Justice Warriors Really a Threat?

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