What’s REALLY Going On In Sweden? #swedenincident

As ignorant and hateful as the behavior of the Muslim and African migrants are, and it is abominable. Unless one addresses the issue of Israel, with its Zionist supremacist doctrine, the traitorous Goy politicians and their useless political parties, the agenda of white genocide, the divide and conquer tactics of Mossad, CIA and MI6, you have effectively promoted more of the same. The Muslim hordes are radicalized by design i.e. the Greater Israel Project, so as to provide cover for the Zionists, who hide in the background, craven and treacherous, waiting for their plans to come to fruition. Yet, these duplicitous parasites have the unmitigated gall, to feign that they are on “our  side”. Hitler and Goebbels, saw through them back in the 1930’s and accurately identified the problem clearly for what it is. The indigenous white people of the west, must start treating their governments with complete and utter contempt and total derision, for they so richly deserve this. The way is open to revolution, if this is what the people want, the heads of state and the governments have abnegated and made null and void, any social contract, noblesse oblige, responsibility to the people they serve. They have in fact, become the enemies of free humanity. The Reich Was Right!!!

Source: What’s REALLY Going On In Sweden? #swedenincident

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