The Collapse Of Art

What’s interesting about the artwork is that, as it moves through time, the basic abilities of sketching, drawing, painting, etc. are lost. This is of course due to the Frankfurt School, which is primarily Jewish, and a direct application of it’s critical theory. A methodology that is designed to attack and destroy western values, culture and nationalism. Their insistence on context defining “art”. was intended as social criticism, not traditional talent or skills. Consequently. so much of modern art is at best trash or childish emotionalism, traditional concepts of beauty and values are gone. Remember, this is the same school that gave us “race as a social construct” the attack on the family, and so forth and so on. It truly is remarkable, how little imagination and creativity Jews actually possess. For example, if it wasn’t for their Neanderthal insider vs, outsider mind set, consensus decision making and jockeying for position, there would be a true level playing field and their mediocrity at best, would be apparent to all. Let’s not forget, the Reich Was Right!!!

Source: The Collapse Of Art

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