The Canadian View of American Balkanization

The idea of the central states joining with the central provinces is a possibility. In the event that this happened, don’t be surprised if North Ontario aligned with the central provinces and states. However, don’t be so sure that Quebec would want this to happen, case in point, Rene Levesque. He started out wanting separation for the province of Quebec, but after the US covetousness of its natural resources became apparent. He came to the realization that confederation, was the only reason why there was a francophone culture. This plus, the debt Quebec would have to assume, being a have not province, was subsidized by the three traditional  have provinces i.e. Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia; this would give them good cause to baulk. This to is a possibility as well. In the final analysis, we have to wait and see what congeals ever more solidly, as it were. I for one, would choose North Ontario joining the central provinces and states! But only if all parties are agreed to a National Socialist framework.  Cheers – The Reich Was Right!!

Source: The Canadian View of American Balkanization

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