Who Are These Coventry Thugs?

Its time to send these low IQ economic migrant ingrate’s back to where they belong, ISRAEL!!!


Woman ‘assaulted after confronting “racist” thugs in Coventry street leaving her with fractured nose and cheekbone’

Three men appear in the footage and one can be seen fighting with another man, believed to be the woman’s boyfriend (Photo: West Midlands Police)

”The incident took place in the early hours of December 11 last year near the Skydome in Coventry.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: “A 34-year-old woman was walking home from a night out with her partner when a group of three men shouted a racist comment at her.”

GW:  Simple case – the British guy has the girl and the thugs – because of their misogynistic attitude towards women – do not.   Further their under 100 IQs prevent them from understanding why this is the case.  Having failed to impress women with their charm and intellect, they then resorted to ”jungle tactics” to try to rectify…

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