How to Recognize and Identify the Transitist

This is an interesting article, and it ought to be in the possession of the “common man”. This technique along with several others are what is need, especially for Pan European people, must be  more aware of it, in order to  clearly identify their enemies and their plan of attack. This along with NLP, being conversant with informal logical fallacies,  paired stimulus conditioning i.e. Pavlovian conditioning using emotional triggers, can help liberate white people from the barrage of mental poisoning they are subjected to in our ZOG occupied system. In truth, all people who want to see a free humanity succeed, have no choice but to acquire basic knowledge and skills in this area. For white people, lets not forget, that our enemies have nothing short but white genocide in mind for us. It’s time to start calling the Jews and their goy stooges out, exposed in the clear sanitizing light of the day star. Let’s not forget, the Reich Was Right!!!!

Source: How to Recognize and Identify the Transitist

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