Before you conquer Canada you have to defeat the final boss

Being Canadian myself, I have seen this country transform from a land of opportunity with a strong European stock to a Cultural Marxist Cesspool. It actually started with Lester B Pearson’s election in the mid 60’s. I’m jaded with the feelings of disgust and disappointment at these degenerate, self absorbed, narcissists. I don’t support the country Canada has become, I am all in favor of letting it rot and crumble into the ground. I do think this is now necessary, in order to transform and evolve into a true natural society founded upon the laws of nature, as laid out in National Socialism. Actually I am of the mind, that this is the way it must go for the west in general. We have no choice, planet Jew will be a planet of degeneracy and slavery leading to the eventual extinction of free humanity. In short, its time to let the old political paradigm go of libertarianism, conservatism, liberalism and communism  and discard them to the terminal terrain of spent ideas. I just accept this fact! I would rather die a freeman than as a comfortable slave. The Reich Was Right!!!

Source: Before you conquer Canada you have to defeat the final boss

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