Black Murder Violence Swamps America

To paraphrase, “there are statistics and there are dammed statistics”. Its getting to be quite obvious that the Jew controlled media, can use this demographic to push their white genocide agenda. Further, when you consider the libtards, commies, feminists, etc. the extent of the mind control is fairly extensive. Its time for pan white Europeans living in North America to seriously consider ethno states. Our eternal enemy, wants to use the tactic of divide and conquer, to push their agenda of white genocide. Considering how craven they are, this suits them well. Our responsibility, is to avoid violence and bloodshed, and agree to go our separate ways. The traditional left/right paradigm is playing its self out. This is the way it ends, don’t try to save it, it has created this mess for “special interests”. As for myself, The Reich was Right!!! 

There were 15,696 murders in America in 2015, and nonwhites made up the vast majority of offenders, according to the latest FBI statistics. According to the FBI, 70 percent of all murder off…

Source: Black Murder Violence Swamps America

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