Red and Blue Patriotism, leaving out the White.

Yes, the voice of reason blue and white patriotism is the greatest enemy. 88!!

The Roper Report

I must have watched a different speech to Congress by Donald Trump than his blind, deaf, and dumb supporters did. Yes, he did mention building a border wall, and he did discuss a new reporting mechanism called “VOICE” to record and release the violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants, which got boos and hisses from some open-borders Democrats. But what I mainly heard was how we all bleed red and are made by the same God and have the same dreams and need to unify together to disavow and fight the evil and hatred and bigotry, Kumbaya. Red and Blue Patriotism, leaving out the White. He started out rattling about the threats to Jewish schools and the damage to Jewish cemeteries, and the shooting in Kansas City. The rest of it was pure, almost unadulterated Civic Nationalism. American war heroes dying for Israel being honored. Education being the next civil…

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3 thoughts on “Red and Blue Patriotism, leaving out the White.

    1. Thank you for your response, but its important to remember the founding fathers of the United States thought of it as being a white country, not one of “diversity”. In other words, they had Europeans in mind when they wrote the constitution, and not Africans, Middle Eastern people or the Chinese. Though there were slaves and the Chinese did come to build the railroad, there were certain mitigating factors going on here. First, on slavery, men of the stature of Thomas Jefferson thought they should be sent back to Africa, or given their own state (not completely sure about this),and that they could not contribute anything to the “New Atlantis”. Many people have pointed out, that this case has been made, considering the situation politically today. Asian migration, was right wing exploitation to secure the interests of capital and their own selfish interests. The right wing and the left wing of today, have failed to address the problems currently affecting humanity. The only program, that I know of, is National Socialism, much of what the Reich thought comes back to us today like a prophecy. I hope this helps, but the link to Bill Roper’s blog page is a good place to explore for greater exposition and explanation. Cheers and The Reich Was Right!!!

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