Pornography: Weaponized Degeneration of the Population

An interesting read, however, the constant use of the metaphor of Satanism and Lucifer is a bit one sided and points to Christianity as the moral high ground. Let’s not forget. you cannot separate the behavior of the person or institution perpetuating it. The conversion of pagan Europe to Christianity was anything but pacific. To the contrary, its quite bloody and cruel. This is just to highlight, that much of pedophilia is hidden and covered up by the church. All of this is to say, normal people regardless of their religious background, would agree that pedophilia is degenerate! How much pedophilia or even homosexuality existed in the ancient world outside of Greece, Rome or Egypt? Not that much, this is really a form of mind control, as this article clearly points out. In places like tribal pagan Europe, which was attuned to a nature oriented perspective, in other words, family, tribe or community, and race or people evidenced the natural perspective. To use words that imply them as being evil or degenerate does paint a false picture. The Reich Was Right!!!

by Nathaniel Mauka, Staff Writer Waking Times Warning: the nature of the subject matter in this article is not easy to mentally or emotionally digest. Please be advised before reading further. You …

Source: Pornography: Weaponized Degeneration of the Population

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