End of a golden age

The one thing that isn’t discussed is, that around 1972 the west should have made the transition to nuclear fusion energy. According to Lyndon La Rouche, this was by design i.e. the vested interests in nuclear reactors which we still have with us. The switch to fusion, would have brought in abundant free energy, and consequently the next phase of growth in the economies of the west, and thereby the world at large. It was oligarchical control that prevented this and sold everyone on the idea of oil as a limited resource, and stymie the economy. Anyway, I remember this period though I was about 14 years of age, and other than the above, its an accurate account. 88!!

Newly built Volkswagen Beetles ready for shipping from Hamburg in 1972. Photo by Thomas Hoepker/Magnum Unprecedented growth marked the era from 1948 to 1973. Economists might study it forever, but …

Source: End of a golden age

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