My story of how i learned about N*ggers

An interesting confession. to be sure,, thanks for sharing that. In Canada its a little different, most black people who have roots here, i.e. the underground railway, are okay, they don’t cause much trouble. However, the blacks who come up from the States are another story. Through personal experience in the Hospitality industry, I find them as you describe them. The other demographic of blacks in Canada are seasonal workers from the Caribbean. I have found them to be “okay” within certain limits,, but oddly enough, they look down their noses for the most part at their American counterparts, They see them as “niggers” . These blacks are better, but you have to be careful with them as well e.g. they would rape your grandmother, if they could get away with it, So like you , I think people are happiest when they are with their own kind. thanks again for sharing and of course The Reich Was Right- Cheers

Back when i was young and innocent I lived with a woman and her 5 year old boy. Being nice liberals (yes i was an idiot) we put the boy in a private day care which was, except for him all black and…

Source: My story of how i learned about N*ggers

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