Message To Australian Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton

I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments expressed.


HowISee the World

Gross incompetence by Victoria Police in Melbourne CBD

Politically Incorrect Australia

PeeKay Truth COURT DATE FEB 6th does Jewish Anti Defamation Want Blood for J3WTube Posts

Support Peekay Truth who has a court appearance in Melbourne 6 February 2017.

What They Don’t Tell You

People who live near Melbourne Australia:
“I need peoples support to turn up to Sunshine Magistrates Court Monday 6th Feb at 9:00 AM with a camera as very likely media will be there”

”What is of great concern and quite sinister is that the “authorities” want to ad minister a psyche eval on him. This is pure Soviet/1984 tactic that the self chosen have been using for decades. They used psyche eval on Ezra Pound and Eustace Mullins too”

Another Great Researcher Has Been Silenced By The Criminal Jewish Frats

What has now happened to Peekay is very…

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