A white woman gets raped by a negro every 20 minutes in America

Good info graphic. lets be honest, the blacks in Africa  were still at a stone age level of technology, when they first came into with western European civilization. This is not bragging, rather it is just stating the obvious facts. Furthermore, they sold their traditional tribal enemies into slavery to the Muslims, the Jews and to some European freebooters. The point of this is to say, you can’t expect too much from them, this is a genetic difference. Be that as it may, they have been shamelessly manipulated by the Jews in their attempt to divide and conquer the west and commit  white genocide,  in order to have it all. They want planet Jew, where they can lord it over the monkeys ,meaning the doggerel race of mixed race people. The only thing that stops them is the white race, without us here, they feel it will be a doddle to manipulate and control the masses. Lets not forget the memory hole in Island and Orwell’s 1984 . This is what more white people have to wake up to. So I don’t blame black people, they are pawns in a game from which many of them will never awaken from. But, you can always point the finger at the Jewman However; this does not excuse black ignorance and want!. The Reich Was Right.!!!! Cheers!!!

My mistake, the number is likelier every 6 minutes because only a third of rapes are reported.

Source: A white woman gets raped by a negro every 20 minutes in America

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