Perfect Girls Don’t Exi-

Two beautiful white women, maybe not perfect, but I can’t help but wonder if this photo was shown to Islamic invaders and/or Jewish Zionists?, if they could control themselves? Other races claim that white people should never marry between themselves, what short sighted, selfish other  people can be. Its clear that the race with the greatest diversity is what makes white people so attractive to other  races.  The truth of the matter is white women are the most attractive .Anyway, we have the right to exist bequeathed to us by nature,, the same as any other race. Ultimately , I am for what ever it takes  to survive and see a world full of free humanity, and all reaching for their gifts to make their contribution  to  fulfill their potential, this is what nature wants, not a rootless people ruled over by oligarchs so to this I say I will never marry a women and mix out our genes. The Reich  Was Right!!!

Source: Perfect Girls Don’t Exi-

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