Paying for healthcare, expensive education: Ten reasons EUROPEANS hate the idea of Brexit

10 good reasons indeed, what is truly amazing is how much “we the people” put up with this garbage from our traitorous western governments. What do you think??


1. Visas for travel to Great Britain – The worst case scenario is that Germans will have to get a British visa to visit the UK after Brexit.

2. Becoming sick in the UK will be a risk – After Brexit, Germans will no longer be able to get free NHS healthcare using the EU-wide European Health Insurance Card.

3. More expensive education – German students who want to study at Oxford, Cambridge or other top British universities will have to dig deeper into their pockets.

4. Less work for Europeans – Britain’s exit from the EU’s single market will signal the end of the free movement of European workers into the UK.

5. More expensive fish – German families are worried that price of herrings and mackerels will rise because they are fished in the sea surrounding the UK.

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