When will the German people awaken from their slumber, and start to see that the time is nigh for them to stand up and be counted? The lies of the Holocaust, the myth of the “Good War”, the genocide conducted against them by the allies at the end of the war, etc. be seen as the injustice that it was and is, directed towards them!!! Most importantly, however, is the debt we all owe the third Reich, for stopping the red Jewish Bolshevism forces of “Uncle Joe” that wanted nothing more than to subject all of Europe  to the plague of communism. Historical research has now shown the Churchill and F.D.R. to be the antagonists, marching to the drum of Zionist Supremacy to the detriment of all humanity.

Germany, you have nothing to be ashamed of, at one time or another, we have all been duped, to greater and lesser degrees by the propaganda arising out of war torn Europe. Merkel, is your enemy, she has broken the social contract with you the German people, and has exposed herself to be a white traitor of a most despicable type. Unfortunately, in this regard, no western political leader can be said to be any better. To hell with the lot of them, I for one don’t need them, I honorably treat others with the same respect  that I would wish to be treated, until otherwise convinced of the inappropriateness of such behaviour.

Mike King’s open letter to Merkel, is succinct, clear and understandable, but the best part of it, is that its true.




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