Charleston Church Shooting Hoax

Interesting article this, just imagine a false flag operation, to push through a trade deal, while everyone is distracted. Quite frankly, the white house, U.S. congress and the senate, grow ever more vapid and retardative with each passing day.

Secondly, and equally important, “why shed innocent blood, when you can just fake it”. When I think back over the examples given in this article. It really does seem that, this is a bellwether for just how gullible “boobus north americanus”  truly is.

In the end, how many times must it take, before people realize, that the government, the bought and paid for stooges of the corporations overseen by the oligarchs, are the problem, hence it’s naïve to turn to them for solutions, because they don’t serve you. In the final analysis, they serve their lords and taskmasters, the Zio-Globalists. Cheers!!


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