This Land Is OUR Land: Euro-Canadians Will Not Surrender Canada

This Land Is OUR Land: Euro-Canadians Will Not Surrender Canada.

Diversity is all about being anti-white, it comes from the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism with it’s critical theory as it device of application. One needs to remember, Cultural Marxism is also known as phase 2 Communism. Furthermore, let’s not forget “incrementalism” “permeation”, “honeycombing” , all from the Fabian Society promoting socialism,which operates out of the London School of Economics. Like “critical theory” the Fabian devices referred to above, are tactics or strategies to take down the west. They are psyche opp’s intended to weaken the mind of the people, in order to get them to comply obediently to authority.

The working class in western Europe, during the first world war, did not identify on the level of social class, but rather with their respective nations, hence the failure of Marxism or phase 1 communism; no proletariat revolution! Hence, the attack on the culture, the traditions,and the people of the western world. Marcuse’s brain child was to use feminism, ethnic groups, students, gays & lesbians, etc. in lieu of the traditional proletariat, because he knew the working class could not be relied upon. All of this amounts to white genocide. The Zio-Globalist’s wet dream of oligarchy.

The oligarchy uses nation states and governments to promote their interests only, there is no concern for the people’s welfare at all. Does anyone truly believe, that by carpet bombing yet another, middle eastern country in the name of “democracy”, promotes the welfare and betterment, not only of those “bombed back to the stone age”;  but of western people in general or at large?? Of course not, our governments are all antiwhite, with no exceptions that I can see in the west! If Diversity is such a strength, why is not promoted to the world at large, as a solution to world poverty, debt, environmental erosion, etc.  It is only promoted to white countries and white countries only.

Trudeau was an admitted communist, and definitely smart enough to know about (and most likely acquainted or affiliated with) Fabian Socialism and/or Cultural Marxism, and to top it off with icing, as the old saying going goes. Mitchel Sharpe was the vice president of the Trilateral Commission at the time. Directly connected to David Rockefeller, and Zibigniew Brzezinski, and thereby to the psychopathic oligarchs who truly rule over us, and who the western governments truly serve.

To say it yet again, it’s all about being antiwhite, and diversity with it’s “mass migration bombs” is all about white genocide. All in all, a good article, and I might add, I completely am in total accord with the double standards and specious reasoning, and neglected aspects that it highlights. Cheers!!!

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