It’s interesting to see how Hitler continues to fascinate and resonate with people of different ethnicity, race, and religion. Most importantly, the resonance is for all the right reasons. Meanwhile, the white European people fall into a deep coma, oblivious to their own genocide.

To come to a more exact and truer understanding of Hitler, is to see the world in an ever clearer perspective. To strip away the lies and deceptions that have been foisted upon us, is to strengthen oneself to all of the propaganda. Reason, goodwill and liberty is the true message of National Socialism. Liberty to not be harassed by Cultural Marxists and their trash culture, to be held victim to minority groups, many of which only desire our demise, to destroy the family so the government can mind control the young, to be useful cogs in the wheels of big transnational corporations, whose only allegiance is to themselves alone.

The west has lost it’s soul, and we need the proverbial shaman to help us retrieve it. We wander aimlessly, amongst a dead philosophical tradition, and a equally dead scientific materialist, reductionistic culture of thought. Cultural Marxism has given us trash culture, we no longer admire and appreciate the beautiful for its own sake, because we don’t see it within ourselves. Yet nature beckons us to strive for the sublime and intend the divine for those waiting to be born. For myself, this is why Hitler is a champion for all races!! Cheers!!!

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