An amazing history lesson to be sure. As I continue to read and learn about the events of WW2, I am always astonished at how many myths I have had indoctrinated into me. The myth of the Soviet might defeating Germany is yet again another one. Hats off to Mike King at for his tireless effort to get the other side of the story and the facts, out there.

Paul Graig Roberts, who I first encountered listening to, always struck me as being a very intelligent man, and my opinion towards has not changed to this day. Actually, he has demonstrated an open mind, and has changed his mind in the light of new evidence being presented to him. I still find his interviews and articles highly interesting and informative, but at times, as this article clearly shows, he can err, but then again, who doesn’t?  I hope Dr. Roberts does find the time to read this article or become aware of it, as I am sure he will find it quite thought provoking.

For myself, I must admit I have been bitten by the revisionist bug, and I find myself constantly rethinking the political  consequences of this war upon present day events. It is quite clear, that getting to the truth at long last, is necessary for everyone living today, if we are to address the real needs of our societies, ( here I am speaking globally). Without this context of what this war was really all about, we will not have a meaningful Gestalt, or perspective on the world.

When I consider the transgressive and degenerate breakdown of western European society, with it’s  concomitant slip into a Fabian Socialist/Cultural Marxist dystopia. It strikes me, that what was lost, were the traditional values of what made western society unique and great! If the west is ever to have a renaissance we need to have an open discussion about this historical event, as well as, reacquaint ourselves with the great conversation of the western tradition. One thing is for certain, we don’t need the Cultural Marxists trash culture and white genocide, nor do we need or want the Fabian Socialist dystopia of an un-rooted and bred out humanity serving a corporate ruling class!!!!

Please don’t stop giving us the benefit of your historical knowledge and perspective Mike, we are all learning and growing because of it. Cheers!!!!

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