White genocide loud and clear, the Cultural Marxist’s wet dream to be certain One has to wonder how long will white European people continue to sleep while their very homelands are being stolen from them as they are bred out of existence. It’s truly despicable how at the behest of Zio-Globalist’s, how fast white politicians genuflect to the foot that kicks them in the arse. How useless our white politicians truly are, as they subvert their primary responsibility to be a servant to the people they serve.

To be perfectly clear, I am not against people of other races or ethnic religious backgrounds, quite the contrary. I think all races and nationalities have their gifts to offer the world. What I am against is the so called “diversity” program, which seeks to blend out all people, especially white Europeans. It truly is a good example of “Orwellian New Speak”, in that the meaning is precisely the opposite of what the phrase or word portends. “Diversity” decoded actually means homogeneity, taken to the degree of complete blandness. It makes me think about Oscar WIlde’s comment “familiarity breeds contempt”. The brave new world envisioned for us by the oligarchical Zio-Globalist elites, will truly be one of contempt. Contempt of the “New Man” , a dull eyed sluggard or the new feudalistic serf, who will perform all the menial tasks. Contempt of the “New Man” for himself and others of his ilk, for being so complacent and dull.

Anyway, the white suburbs are yet another step forward in the march towards white genocide. Whatever happened to notions like self ownership, private property, self reliance, etc. Obviously, education plays a big role in the dumbing down process. Yet, one has to wonder, why something so blatant isn’t obvious to even the dullest half wit. Must be all that crap they put in the food and water, and large scale psy-ops a la MK Ultra sub project 51, and big Pharma making sure no body gets well with the useless therapeutics they push.

Killing the white suburbs is an appropriate title for this article. The place to be is off grid, far from the major city centers, building an alternative economy based upon healthy foods, clothing, private property, homeschooling, etc.  To put it bluntly. I am completely skeptical about the “system” having much of a future at all. To quote Dean Clifford it’s “death by 1 billion paper cuts”. Starve the beast, stop feeding your money into it. Put your money to better use, start building a new alternative economy and let the old one stagnate and collapse, after all it is all about white genocide.

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