This is a great article from so many perspectives, concise, informative and an excellent addendum to boot! It’s a good summary of the holocaust contradictions at your finger tips, easy to use and a good quick reference.

Slowly but surely, I am coming to the realization of just how important the myth of the good war is in  understanding the state of the world today. Though the agenda, reaches much further back in time than the second world war; this is still a solid point from which to begin. So much of the controlled events that are passed off as being news, actually find a source of origination here. Indeed, it’s startling to think that the defeat of Hitler and Nazi Germany had to be demonized and covered up, or else events, by way of an example, as remote and at first sight as unlikely as  Arab Spring, find its source of origination here. I fully realize that to many this sound’s like a preposterous claim, but in fact, the evidence does point to an underlying progression in a historical chain of events.  One day I may get around to writing an essay about it, but for now I would refer those who are interested to the following

and of course to

There’s more than enough to chew on, as it were in these five links, I heartily recommend that you explore them all.

In the end, what really attracts me to this and other related topics, is what I perceive as the attack on human nature by a psychopathic elite, who are truly criminally insane, against free humanity. This attack, as it pertains to this article regarding the holocaust amounts to what I conceive to be the last significant defiant battle of traditionalism with the New World Order, for lack of a better term. The holocaust appears to be an attempt to prevent free humanity from regaining their self ownership, and power through that which nature gives to all. There are no privileged souls, who are given the right to rule over all of humanity, through a divine decree issuing as a commandment to mankind! This is the big lie of Zionism. Quite the contrary, nature is infused with a creative conscious life force that animates all of the cosmos. Dead matter is merely a notion existing in the minds of people, a false belief if you will, a imaginative nothing with no empirical backing, as it were.

Finally, it amazes me to see what a little mental judo did to me, and I was just a bystander to it all. Read the article, and cheers!!!

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