An amazing expose of lies and hypocrisy, and a good history lesson to boot!!! When it comes to clear exposition of facts presented in a manner in which the dots are all connected, with a splash of humour as well, Mike King and Sugar the cat at  is one of the best!!!

What struck me most about this short article, was how quickly the public forgets not only history, but fairly recent history as well. To myself, it stands out rather blatantly, that between the educational system, marketing in all its aspects and the mainstream media, all of which deploy various degrees of mind control, i.e. from soft to hard. Is it any wonder that we are so easily manipulated! Often I am reminded by a statement George Carlin once said “It’s all bullshit and it’s bad for you”. Please note, I don’t promote or support much of what he says, because to my mind, George Carlin was a dyed in the wool Cultural Marxist i.e. notice how he never attacks people who are black, Asian, Middle Eastern, etc. only white people, and in particular white men. Further, he only attacks Christianity, and hides behind “organized religion” as a cover i.e. you are supposed to assume that he means Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc. Always denigrates western civilizations achievements, promotes egalitarian ideals, and so on and so forth.

Getting back to the point, why would anyone trust the US, UK, French, Canadian, Swedish, German and Norwegian governments in particular, and most western governments in general? After reading through this article, it occurred to me, that much of the political backstabbing that has gone on, always seem to be vindicated on the altar of democracy. Over and over again, I see the same old script acting itself out, that being the perfictibilist doctrine that was initiated with the French revolution. That Man in a state of nature is good, noble, and that all inequality is the result of social arrangements, as it were. Further, that liberation is a rational undertaking, rational here meaning a methodology and political doctrine.

From this doctrine of rationalism emerges the  dialectics, which gives us liberalism, this in turn leads to socialism, and finally to communism. This final step of communism, the paramount ideal of egalitarianism, has its roots in the French revolution. Which, by the way, gave us the massive democide of the last century i.e. Stalin and the Bolsheviks, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, FDR, Eisenhower, Churchill, etc.

As for myself, I am completely jaded concerning any and all political parties accomplishing much of anything, especially here in Canada. Currently, I think we are experiencing and witnessing the dismantling of western civilization by wealthy, eugenicist, Zionist, British/Anglo and Dutch monarchies, via a corporate global push for a dystopian socialistic egalitarian planet. The examples, given in the article “Iran Doesn’t Trust The U.S.” are all a prelude or stepping stone to this end, some being larger and others smaller and consequently, not as easy to discern or recognize; but there none the less.

The solution to our present impasse, considering that we in the west have unresponsive governments, who only serve corporate and wealthy oligarchic interests. Which is to say, that voting for a political party is pretty much a useless waste of time, because they are all corrupt to the point of being criminal!  Voting for the most part, has become for all intents and purposes, something done more for mind control of the masses, rather than effecting real political change at the behest or wants of the people. It is to perpetuate the illusion of freedom, by engaging the people in an election. An election, where the paradigms are set by the  interests mentioned earlier in this article; thereby effectively placing the mind of the people in a box, as it were.  Given this, if voting is for the most part illusionary, then the only real vote we have is with our dollars.

In short, starve the beast, think and spend in your best interests, learn the skills that will enable you to do this more effectively. Don’t bother protesting to government, they will only waste your time. Talk with friends, neighbours, whoever, about healthy and smart places to shop. Grow a garden, look at alternative energy systems, i.e. a rocket stove; strive to get as independent from the grid as is possible. Don’t support or go to any war, refuse to bomb other countries into democracy, only to leave them worse off than they were before, share web and blog sites with others. Learn real history, understand how we have come to the predicament we are in, this will enable you to communicate the truth much better. It’s time to start building an alternative economy or system while the old one starves and falls away. Finally, just say no to the present day transgressive society, Cheers!!!

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