Why the dice is cast?

At long last, I’ve finally got around to writing a mission statement as to why I started this blog. So why did I title it “the dice is cast” a phrase made famous by Julius Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon. I choose this quote, to represent to myself a conviction of no turning back, Richard Grove of Tragedy and Hope once said, “..make media” as an injunction to those as to how to proceed to expose the New World Order.  This humble blog is my first attempt to “make media” and do my bit to help the cause along, as it were. It may be, that you’ve noticed William Blake’s Adam from his painting called “Glad Day”. For those of you who don’t know much about Blake or this particular painting, here is some background info.

It’s his attempt to, capture the spirit of Man as symbolized by Adam. Glad Day, refers to Adam’s awakening on the first day of his life, beholding with innocent eyes the beauty and wonders of creation. He is filled with gladness as he beholds the world. To rejoice, he is about to dance, to convey his gladness. It’s the innocence and purity that attracts me to it. For in this beauty and innocence, I see how far the fall of present day humanity truly is. I think, that all of us, are confronted with a transgressive culture that subverts our spirituality and distorts our true nature.

Fundamentally, Adam’s dance is the recognition of the ever present spiritual fact of the cosmos. We are spiritual beings who have been led astray down the path of scientific materialism, as opposed to open minded science, religion as oligarchical control, as opposed to spirituality, dialectical reason, as opposed to nature.(By nature, I definitely do not mean, the “noble savage” of Rousseau). In short, I see present day humanity being prepared for a new form of slavery, replete with everything technology can contribute to such a subversive agenda. However, as is always the case, every act of emancipation from slavery, is a spiritual event. Like Adam, we are creatures grounded in the primacy of spirit, herein lies our salvation. Like Caesar crossing the Rubicon, there comes a point of no return, the dice is cast, let history detail the rest.  

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