Knowledge Without Wisdom

Fundamentally the issue is liberal/nihilism versus traditional/conservatism. Yes, we are a part of nature and all of nature and the cosmos in general is devoid of dead matter. I have often thought that Rupert Sheldrake is right , that the last stone to be tipped over are the ten basic assumptions of present day science. Yes, we live in an animated and conscious universe, filled with souls, as it were. A universe consisting of nested hierarchies and creative evolutionary expression; nothing static and fixed, but alive and joyful. In short, the problem with modern man, is that he bows to Francis Bacon’s “idols of the mind (or market place). Cheers!!!

The Soul of the East

Our emergent technocracy submerges us in a sea of knowledge.  Modern wonders reach their apex in the readily-available stores of data at anyone’s fingertips.  Given this seemingly magical commodity was heretofore unknown to vast swaths of now dead humanity, one would think man would jump at the opportunity to educate himself on any and every topic.  Yet the reality is quite the contrary, as such a notion of aspiring, latent human potential had its origin in the universalized doctrine of “human reason” bequeathed to us from the Enlightenment.   The vast online Alexandrian databases are only perused by a few, with the majority of humanity preferring to opt for a wasted life of the meaningless and mundane.  In a strange twist that must baffle modern progressives, humanity has devolved with the advent of their imagined tech utopia rather than risen to the heights of transcendence.  The question arises – what is…

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