(video) 💣 Evidence That Trump’s Strike Against Syria Was Part of False Flag Operation

Again another great video. Trump is completely compromised by this scandal. He is pretty much useless as President, except for pushing through whatever agenda Israel wants done. Its too bad, because he could have been a great president, and now he is a useless shill just like Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc. before him. I do think its time to pull the life support cord on the whole system. The Reich Was Right!!!

Source: (video) 💣 Evidence That Trump’s Strike Against Syria Was Part of False Flag Operation

A final comment on the Jewish Remembrance Day

I finished watching the video and I must admit, I agree with everything he had to say. It is apparent now that Trump is a fraud and he really doesn’t have the best interests of the American people at heart. As David Duke once said, ” If he is 1000% behind Israel, how much can be left for the American people” Of course, I think most people would be willing to listen to Jewish claims regarding the Holohoax, if they truly could addresses the concerns established by revisionists. The truth of the matter is however, they can’t and they know it, This is the real impetus behind crying anti-Semitism, and censorship on their behalf. As stated in the video, nothing is more insulting to the Jews than the truth. The Reich Was Right!!

Source: (video) HAPPY HOLOHOAX REMEMBRANCE DAY! – “Because when you’re the ‘victim’ you can get away with murder” – ZIONIST TRUMP SAYS ‘HOLOCAUST’ WORLD’S DARKEST DAY! – Historically proven true massacres IGNORED!

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Good article, but that infographic makes me so p!@#$% off, that I am practically seeing red as I write this. The nerve of these filthy, craven, cowards, but it makes me more upset when I think about Christian Zionists and their equally stupid Muslim stooges. Anyway, its good to see them admit to this, i.e. get the public to see it for themselves. Trump is a complete Zionist shill as far as I am concerned, so I give him about as much credibility that I gave to Obama, which is to say, none at all. The Reich Was Right!!

Source: Holocaust Remembrance Day

Jew claims “The Civil War is here!”

A good analysis, actually I think Greenfield is correct when he states, that the left i.e. Democratic Party demands ideological submission over loyalty to the Constitution. I can’t help but feel this is a favorable outcome, freedom in particular for white people to live free of being blamed and stigmatized for everything. In a certain respect this article is somewhat reminiscent of the Bolshevik coup in Russia.
For myself, I can’t stand Cultural Marxism and its fallacious arguments based upon assumption. Furthermore, it was a Jewish strategy to take down the west, so that they could rule over and take everything.
This is a good article, and I find it somewhat surprising to hear it coming from a Jew. However, I know only to well what Hitler and Gobble’s had to say about so called friction between Zionist and Liberal Jews. Anyway, let’s never forget that Planet Jew is wrong and The Reich Was Right!!  

Source: Jew claims “The Civil War is here!”

There will be blood: the Left prepares for war.

The real struggle is winning the hearts and minds of the masses. To many just want to be quiet and hope they don’t get noticed. Then they think, they will be left alone with their heads buried in the sand. They have to realize that they are following the same destiny as the Dodo bird. It will be a good fight, for our convictions make it so. The Reich Was Right!!

Source: There will be blood: the Left prepares for war.