How You Know You Are Living in a Soft Totalitarian State

Yes, yes and yes, I do agree that we are living in or under soft totalitarianism, its true the masses or the people wouldn’t have it any other way. Transnational corporations do own and run the social media, to a very considerable degree. This is a problem, for they are competing for limited bodies. Democracy is a lie, rather a failed political concept, and its time it is laid to rest. A meritocracy is a viable solution, especially if its laid out along National Socialist lines. Democracy and communism go together, as proved yet again by groups like Antifa; purely a Jewish idea i.e. the both of them.As for myself, The Reich Was Right!!

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(video) ANTIFA EXPOSED AS VIOLENT (Political Social Experiment) – Berkeley Trump Rally Protest

I like this kind of undercover investigation, its too bad the Fake News Media refuses to do the same. Then again, I ‘m not surprised, considering that they are only interested in propaganda. Fortunately, people like Joeysalads are starting to hammer the proverbial nails in their coffin lids. Their demise is eagerly awaited by many, only dry eyes and a glad heart, contemplating this one.
As for Antifa, what a bunch of brazen cowards,  like their Jewish overlords, they are totally bereft of shame. For anyone who doubts this, then consider. Why else do they wear masks and avoid open confrontation? Its because they are cowards, lacking the courage of their convictions. As such they are a bad joke, no one can take these fools seriously, yes they shall be known as Antifa ,ha, ha, ha, ha.  The Reich Was Right!!

Source: (video) ANTIFA EXPOSED AS VIOLENT (Political Social Experiment) – Berkeley Trump Rally Protest

What is a Black Sky event?

Interesting post, I’ve never heard of a Black Sky Event before. If this exercise really does take out power across the entire continent, the results would be catastrophic, especially here in Canada. At the time of this writing, I’ve not seen or heard anything about this up here.. I’m pretty sure it will be a “each man for himself” scenario for the most part. It will be interesting to see, what groups, collectivities, organizations, etc. will emerge as a result of it. 

On a more basic level, one has to wonder if the government is so foolhardy to risk a crisis like this. One thing’s for sure, those in the know won’t be affected, and most likely will find the plight of the people laughable. Still, if the people for the most part can pull together, this may well become a day our Zog governments may rue from the depths of their traitorous  “black” hearts. In the event of this happening, I would say “bring it on”. The Reich Was Right!!

Source: What is a Black Sky event?

Hurry Up And Wait

An interesting article on the life of a soldier, in the Civil War 1 days. The photo above is moving, it  captures the spirit of the article quiet well, i.e. “hurry up and wait” for those “critical moments.”  The hardship of those days is something many have lost touch with these days. Especially, the fight for an older and more genteel culture, versus the loss of a sense of culture and self in the emerging economic states. For myself, I resonate more with the old South, as opposed to the hurly burly of the North. The spirit of the old South is a much deeper well to drink from, in the  face of today’s Balkanization. The Reich Was Right!!

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I can’t help but feel, that National Socialism is the way out. The other political systems, have been tried and found wanting. We are immersed in a sea of control, whose waters are materialism and greed. As a result, white people have been degraded to think only in terms of selfishness and materialism, and/or religious parochialism.

Only a call to a higher understanding, based on the survival of the White Volk, can alleviate this situation. Commitment to the white race, will and can open us up to love of family, extended to our tribal members, and our homelands or Nation States. Through this love of blood and race, can we fulfill the designs of  the living, conscious universe, or Godhead if you will. Planet Zion is wrong, and The Reich Was Right!!

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